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About Pulsing

Behind every small business are great people. Meet the people behind ours.

Pulsing builds a suite of analytical tool for businesses to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle.
Why did we create Pulsing? We were looking at Google Analytics and wondered how to make it more complicated as a tool to analyze the data we needed? I think it’s hard to beat.
We seek to make the analysis of his website much simpler and clearer. At a glance, understand why you have a too high bounce rate, why you have to place your buttons in one place or another… Learn how your visitors behave. It’s good to have a site with visitors, visitors who stay and convert on your site, it’s much better. When comparing the existing tools on the market, we noticed one thing, they are too expensive.
With Pulsing, there is no limit of members, you can add all the members of your team at no extra cost. We are simply looking for anyone who is a marketer, developer, entrepreneur or another to learn how to better understand their visitors’ behaviors in an affordable way.

about pulsing