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Powerful Analytics

No complicated steps to take, simply choose between filters and you’re instantly learning.

Explore how powerful analytics works

What could be more frightening than going on Google Analytics and being submerged by so much useless data? Pulsing allows you to focus on more useful and intelligent data for your business.

Observe your relevant data at a glance

Your data will never be the same again when presented in this aspect. Enjoy reading your numbers by using Pulsing.

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Share your data with your team

With a simple button, export all your relevant data in CSV format (available soon: export your reports in PDF format)

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Filter your users' actions

Filter your data in an smart way, according to your pages and your users' movements.

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All-in-One Analytics solution

The simple analytics platform comes with killer features.

Easy Installation
Installation is quick and simple using one line of script to work on hundreds of platforms.
Team member
There’s no user limits on any plan. Invite all your team and clients at no added cost.
Multi-device support
All our features track and work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.
GDPR Compliant
Pulsing is 100% GDPR Compliant and stores all customer data within the EU.
Quick Support
Contact our support who will be happy to assist.
Lighter code
We load in 122ms - we have the fastest script in the industry.